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VIII International Plastic Surgery Course
September 12-14, 2014
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"Beauty Medicine" Exhibition
September 11-14, 2014
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Dates: September 11-14, 2014

Location: Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg

Venue: International exhibition center Ekaterinburg-EXPO

Organizer: Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Center (Dr. Nudelman Clinic), Ekaterinburg, Russia

“Beauty Medicine” Exhibition is a specialized event, which brings together cosmetology and plastic surgery professionals from Russia and other countries.
The Exhibition is held biannually as a part of The International Plastic Surgery Course, organized by Ekaterinburg Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Center.

“Beauty Medicine” Exhibition – 2014 includes:
1. The IX Exhibition for professional cosmetics and equipment for beauty salons
2. The IX Cosmetology Session will take place within the Exhibition program:
Papers, master-classes, presentations of the leading Beauty Business companies
for specialists in aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and dermatology and for owners and directors of beauty salons.

The main sections of the exhibition:
Plastic Surgery:

Plastic surgery, rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy equipment
Plastic surgery instruments
Implants for plastic and reconstructive surgery
Preoperative and postoperative medication
Disposable materials
Laser systems for aesthetic surgery
ompression garments

Professional cosmetics, means for apparatus cosmetology, medicinal cosmetics
Mesotherapy, fillers, botulinum toxin injections, skin peels
Instruments, accessories and salon procedures agents
Equipment for aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, spa-centers
Medical laser systems
Clothes for cosmetologists, account materials
Vitamins, diets, pharmaceuticals means

The target audience:
Directors, managers of  aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, spa-centers, dermatologists, cosmeticians, directors of spa-resorts, Spa-Industry experts.

The strict specialization of the Exhibition:
The “Beauty Medicine” Exhibition is oriented on professionals in cosmetology, and especially put an emphasis on physcian-cosmetologists. The organizers do not invite companies mainly oriented on hairstylists and specialists in nail sculpture and design.

The IXth Cosmetology Session is taking place in conjunction with the Exhibition.
The Cosmetology Session is oriented on specialists from Russia only.
An expected number of physcian-cosmetologists is 5000.
Based on our experience we expect this event to be attended by specialists from Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, Cheliabinsk, Perm, Tiumen, Khanty-Mansiysky and Yamalo-Nenetsky regions.
Geographical remoteness of these regions from Moscow impedes their inhabitants to attend Federal (Moscow) events. Our exhibition gives the exponent companies a unique opportunity to communicate with beauty salon representatives from the above regions. Besides we are assembling only the target audience which gives a better feedback from the exhibition.


Sofia Sergina
+7(343)228 28 25
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